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Scholl Canyon Golf and Tennis Club Scorecard

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Hole #1

The first hole is a 259-yard downhill par 4 with a bunker on the left at 225 yards, which captures wayward balls off the tee that stray too far to the right.


Hole #2

Accuracy is important on this straightaway, straightforward par 3 with bunkers to the left and right of the green.


Hole #3

The third hole is the longest on the course, with a slight dogleg to the left. Don't hit too long as O.B. is to the left and behind the hole.


Hole #4

Take a breather from the last hole. This par 3 is a straightaway, slightly uphill hole with bunkers to the left and right of the green.


Hole #5

Considered by most players as the hardest hole on the course, Hole 5 was an uphill par 3 with bunkers on the left and right of the green.


Hole #6

This hole plays slightly downhill with bunkers to the left and right of the green. You'll likely be playing against the wind, so be careful: balls hit too low will not stay on the green.


Hole #7

A hole that can help your score. Considered an easy par 3, this is the shortest hole on the course, and one that requires accuracy to the green. Careful of the bunkers to the left and right.


Hole #8

A straightaway par 3 with a bunker on the left plays longer than its yardage, so don't short club yourself!


Hole #9

Bunkers guard the left and side of the fairway, starting at around 100 yards. Be careful, as second shots hit too long can find their way into the parking lot.


Hole #10

On this challenging par 4, the fairway slopes severely to the right and a bunker guards the front of the green, plus a lateral hazard lurks to the left and behind the hole.


Hole #11

This is a short hole where accuracy is at a premium as a bunker waits on the right of the green, and O.B. lies directly behind the hole.


Hole #12

This is an uphill par 3 to a long narrow green, guarded in the front by a bunker ready to catch wayward balls. A long first putt is not uncommon on this hole.


Hole #13

This hole, considered as the hardest par 4 on the course, presents golfers with a downhill tee shot with a lateral hazard on the right. Balls to the left will find their way to the 15th fairway, so an accurate tee shot here is extremely important. The second shot heads to an elevated green where, if you're short, the ball might head back into the hazard… but if you're long, the ball might go O.B. behind the hole. 


Hole #14

Another tricky hole where club selection and accuracy are crucial. A hazard guards the entire front of the green, with O.B. behind. If you miss the green, prepare to up your score.


Hole #15

A downhill, drivable par 4 that rewards those who hit a good tee shot with a birdie or possible eagle opportunity. A lateral hazard guards the entire left side of the hole.


Hole #16

A short downhill par 3 with O.B. on the right side of the hole. Careful, as the tee shot is normally hit against the wind.


Hole #17

This downhill par 3 heads to a very narrow green. With a bunker guarding the right side of the green, this hole is one of the hardest on the course to putt.


Hole #18

The eighteenth hole plays slightly uphill to a very narrow but long green guarded by bunkers on both the right and left sides.

Back25910332412216712783140262158725389145289108252871251041452303954.8 / 86
Handicap7151113131795 81810246161214    
Par M/W434333334304334343333060  
Handicap7151113131795 81810246161214    

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Whether you’re planning a corporate outing, inspired client meeting, or just an enjoyable day of golf with friends, we pride ourselves on delivering flawlessly-executed golf tournaments and outings for groups of all sizes. Scholl Canyon Golf and Tennis Club has long been a favorite among tournament organizers thanks to our dedicated service, renowned executive golf course, and affordable pricing.

What Can We Do To Help?

Scholl Canyon Golf and Tennis Club’s experience hosting hundreds of golf tournaments and outings ranging from wedding party fundraisers to local corporations and community groups makes us uniquely qualified to ensure that your next golf event is a success. The following are just some of the value-added services we can provide that truly set us apart:

  • We can accommodate up to 144 golfers.
  • On-site event management.
  • Service from professional golf staff.
  • Provides registration and awards tables.
  • Provides personalized cart signs, scorecards, and rule sheets.
  • Provides professional scoring.
  • Offers Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, and Longest Putt contests.
  • Complete course set-up.
  • Optional tournament food packages and banquets.
  • Optional practice range packages.
  • Optional professional clinic.
  • Putting contests.
  • Hole-in-One insurance.
  • Hole sponsorship signs.
  • Scholl Canyon Golf and Tennis Club merchandise and gift certificates.
  • Customized merchandise.
  • Starting options include single tee, a.m. or p.m. full field shotguns, and a.m. or p.m. modified shotguns.